Web Design & Development



The web is constantly evolving and can no longer be ignored by any business.

The huge explosion of mobile device capabilities coupled with the social media boom means businesses are now in a round-the-clock interactive age. We recommend you take advantage because your competition most certainly will.

The days of putting a static site on the internet to satisfy your company’s needs for a web presence are long gone. E-commerce and Content Management System (CMS) websites allow you to react in real time and communicate effectively with your customers and clients 24 hours a day. In an increasingly digital age, a well designed and built website is a powerful tool that can help you generate new leads for your business. More importantly, it can help you increase sales.

Because a website is an online window for your products and services, the effective planning and design of your user experience is essential for good interaction with your customers and can provide a strong platform for integration with other digital media.

Web Services & Marketing

Companies today need a design and marketing agency that is knowledgeable in both web and branding to help them be more competitive online. At Deeper Blue we take pride in keeping up-to-date with current trends, helping you maintain a competitive edge in your ever-changing marketplace online. 

With more and more internet searches being done on mobile devices, responsive design is crucial for your online presence. Your current and potential customers need to have easy access to information about your products and services and must be able to contact your business with a swipe or push of their fingertips. Email marketing can also play a major role in developing your business as most mobile devices can receive email. Sending out promotions or communications at strategic times can be a highly effective way of increasing traffic to your website and generating new leads or sales.

Building engaging websites with precision and care

At Deeper Blue we break the design and build of a website down into clear steps so you can see the progress of your project at any stage. A detailed breakdown of the proposed timeframe is shown at the end of this section.

Stage 1: Website Planning

We will sit down with you and discuss the content that is required on your website and work out the basic structure using a web flow chart. This helps ensure that when we begin the build of the site our developers know exactly where all the content is to be placed. This process also helps us design a user interface that is as simple and as easy to use as possible.


Stage 2: Interface Design

Once the web flow chart has been agreed, our designers will create an interface for the various main pages of your website. By creating an eye catching design, we aim to capture the user’s attention within the first second they log onto your website. All our designs are proofed to you at every stage until we get your full approval. From there we can move onto the development stage. 

Stage 3: Development

Development is the actual programming of the website and making it fully functional on the web. Good programming and clean code is always the key to a successful website and we use coding languages that are most suitable to your particular site. 

Stage 4: Testing & Going Live

We make sure our websites are fully tested in all modern browsers and make sure that there are no bugs.  If the website passes our tests we then make it live (with your consent) onto the Web.

Your website will be efficiently-designed, taking into consideration any existing printed or multimedia material available, it will meet be intuitive to use and easy to navigate. The Internet is a fickle environment where users make decisions at the click of a button. Deeper Blue has been building websites since the early years of the internet and can attract users to your site and give them the peace of mind to interact with your business.

Website Support and Maintenance Packages

Getting a great website designed and built is only part of the solution for your company’s online presence. What every business should have to back this up, is a reactive and responsive web support service, post launch.

Problems can and do occur from time-to-time, as web-based technology is fast-paced and continually changing. On top of this, there will always be those occasions when you will want to make urgent changes to your site prior to an important presentation, business meeting or when your products or services change.

At Deeper Blue, we can offer your business a cost effective service to help ensure your business receives the technical support it deserves. We offer a range of website support and maintenance services to suit your requirements and budget, helping you to keep your website up-to-date. Our team will work with you to ensure that we provide a real-time solution that is measurable for your aims and objectives.

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