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An effective digital marketing strategy is paramount for any business that wants to generate enquiries, increase its brand awareness, drive sales and increase its market share. As your trusted digital marketing partner, Deeper Blue will establish and implement a clear strategy that is aligned to your objectives and budget.

Deeper Blue have a wealth of marketing experience, spanning from traditional channels such as direct marketing, print advertising and PR, through to modern digital marketing, which encompasses web design, email marketing, content marketing, social media and SEO. Our team of experts have the experience to craft bespoke campaigns to meet your business needs.

We Clear Up in 8 Steps What Others Like To Complicate

We think it’s about time someone stuck their neck out and explained how digital marketing works without making promises about Google rankings they can’t keep, in effect claiming to boost your sales by working a special kind of magic. Forget magic, what you need is a clear, comprehensive process that doesn’t require you to rely on egos or conjecture, a process that shows you progress before asking you to top up your account again. If you’ve been paying for roulette wheel spins and getting nowhere, you need to try something else.


There are a number of basics that should be done during a website’s build to improve its ranking in search engines. This involves such things as: creating image alt tags, fixing broken links, uploading site maps, minification of Javascript and CSS code, using search engine friendly URLs and page titles, and much more. Provided we can get access to your website’s Content Management System (CMS), we can make sure everything is as it should be. Websites get higher rankings when they’re secure and built right. This is only one aspect of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but it needs to be right before any strategic work can be done.

Which Words And Phrases Are People Using to Find You?

Let’s say you’re a construction company looking to attract property developers. ‘Foundation’ and ‘framework’ might seem like obvious search words as their stats probably show heavy traffic. However, many of those searching for ‘foundation’ could be women looking for makeup, just as those looking for ‘framework’ may want computer programming instead of steel construction. Words or phrases like these are known as KEYWORDS and KEY PHRASES. When you know the right ones you can integrate them into your website’s page titles, page URLs and content to attract worthy prospects. Unless this research was made available to your web designer, your website could be using the wrong keywords and key phrases.

Even if you know which keywords and key phrases are getting the most traffic, they may not be the ones getting you the most business. Using trial and error for SEO takes far too long and costs far too much. This is why, initially, we suggest trying Adwords, where the effectiveness of keywords and key phrases can be tested with near immediate feedback. You’re in complete control of your costs because you set your budget limits directly with Google. We’re not suggesting you get into a paid-for advertising routine, just that you use Adwords as a means of collecting vital data to improve your SEO.

Does Your Content Live Up To Your Keywords?

Click-throughs on keywords and key phrases are great, but unless visitors are taken directly to relevant landing pages, your site could still prove disappointing. You can’t point visitors to your home page and expect them to rummage round for what they want. They need to find what they’re looking for immediately. Every top keyword and key phrase should direct you to a relevant landing page with a strong call-to-action. If you’ve followed the previous steps you’ll know exactly what landing pages you’ll need because your keywords and key phrases will have been well tested.

Get Your Website Ready for Social Media & PR

Now that you’re using the right keywords, key phrases and landing pages, you’re in a far better position to feature plenty of new meaningful content, something Google loves to see in its top-ranked sites. This content can also work for you on other websites. Getting bloggers to talk about you or to feature your content can provide useful back-links to your site. Google likes to see other websites pointing to the sites it recommends in its searches. Conversely, your outbound links won’t win you any points or improve your rankings.

Now that you’re getting more traffic, you’ll need to make the most of it. If those visits don’t turn into business straight away, you’ll need to get those prospects onto your mailing list. They should be separated into areas of interest so they can be targeted with corresponding messages from your new HTML email arsenal (messages using links rather than image attachments). In addition, you may want to use this technology to send your active clients a message thanking them for their recent business and reminding them of your other products and services. As for your inactive clients, you could give them an update too.

Depending on the nature of any given business, the top keywords and key phrases are subject to change. It may be that your business is seasonal, in which case new keywords and key phrases might come into play. Perhaps you want to capitalise on a new movie that ties in with some licensed merchandise you’re selling. Or maybe you’re an accountant wanting to capture some ‘auto enrolment’ traffic. Sometimes it’s just a case of looking at what’s topical and seeing if there’s a tie-in. Whatever the case, keyword and key phrase selection needs to keep up with your ongoing marketing strategy.

Good old-fashioned PR – there’s nothing like it for reaching the right people. The most effective marketing is multifaceted, but just writing powerful press releases to support your marketing efforts isn’t enough. Both your online and real world promotion needs to be integrated. Our well-connected, seasoned PR consultants have been delivering results for both local and national clients for over twenty years. Mostly ex-journalists, they’re also the best people to write content for your social media posts and promote publicity-generating events that will give you plenty to shout about.

Working with DeeperBlue makes the process for creating and implementing engaging digital marketing campaigns simple and cost-effective. We take a strategic approach with proper guidance and a strong message, so your company engages with its target audience.

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